Discover the Secrets to Process Performance Excellence in Our Webinar with Roger Tregear


Discover the path to process performance excellence with Roger Tregear in our upcoming webinar on May 7, 2024, from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM Riyadh Time. Drawing on his latest book, “Elements,” Roger will guide you through key strategies to enhance your organization’s efficiency and achieve peak performance. Perfect for professionals at any level, this session promises essential insights into effective process management. Join us to unlock the secrets to organizational success.


Session Agenda:

  1. Understanding Performance Excellence
    •  Defining the concept
    • Exploring the importance of organizational and process excellence
  2. Implementing Effective Performance Management
    • Identifying performance drivers
    • Making the case for management
    • Implementing essential strategies: KPIs, role clarity, data handling, and adaptive
  3. Building a Coherent Performance Framework
    • Integrating process-based management elements
    • Forming a sustainable framework for performance management.



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    About Roger Tregear

    Roger Tregear is Principal Advisor at TregearBPM with 30 years of BPM education and consulting assignments in Australia (where he lives) and 14 other countries. His working life involves talking, thinking, writing, and recording about effective process-based management.

    Roger has been working closely with ES Consulting and ES Learning for 18 years delivering process-based management training and consulting assignments throughout the Arab States.

    A long-time columnist at BPTrends and the Business Rules Journal, Roger’s latest book, Elements, was published this year. He has authored or co-authored several other books: Establishing the Office of BPM (2011), Questioning BPM? (2016), Reimagining Management (2017), Process Precepts (2017), and Process Provocations (2020). His video series, Process Insights, is on his YouTube channel

    A regular presenter at global BPM conferences over many years, Roger scores well and receives positive feedback >>Personable and approachable. >>Some wonderful insights. >>Interesting and motivational speaker.>>Practical and engaging, cuts through jargon to provide things you can take away and use.

    Further access to all Roger’s published material at .

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